3 Dec 2018

November Progress Report

Its been a busy month for me at work so haven't had a lot of energy left for blogging or much else. Heres the update for the month.

Our annual mortgage fee of $395 was paid this month and our tax refund and all extra payments were directed towards the redraw.
  • $135,345 down from $139,962
  • $5,643 down from $15,551
  • total mortgage reduction $10,158
Retirement Savings
  • mine $109,233
  • DH $275,027
  • total $384,260
  • total increase $2,034
  • $50 CC points
  • $46.12 savings
  • $96.12 total savings 
well, not much walking this month and my weight has jumped up, otherwise all is good- just out of balance as work has been hectic

Busy!  much less work at my second job this month - can't wait for the Christmas break.

My lemon tree is filled with little baby lemons! I haven't done much work outside this month, did get some shrubs trimmed and start my compost bins though so its a small start.

We have out Christmas tree up and a beautiful Christmas wreath. After some years of not celebrating much at all I was determined to get back in the Christmas spirit this year and its been fun to decorate again.

Overall we've done well financially this month. I'm feeling pretty 'blah' about the thought of another four years work and wonder if I should change strategies or do things differently some days. I am thinking of starting a side hustle next year, perhaps ebay or Amazon - not sure. Just need to keep plodding along I guess and not overthink it all.


  1. Hi there! Kudos on doing financially good past month. As for working for another four years, I hear you. Wishing you a nice work environment, emphatic bosses and nice co-workers till you retire. In that case, 4 years will surely fly by.

  2. We still haven't put our Christmas tree up. I'll have to get the boys onto it.
    Thanks for the reminder!