31 Aug 2018

August Progress Report

August seems to have gone in the blink of an eye!  We had reduced money to throw at the mortgage this month as the loans on our IPs are changing and I've started sending extra to them.

  • $142,369 down from $143,985
  • $17,789 redraw down from $18,825
  •  total mortgage reduction $1,616
Retirement Savings
  • mine $110,204
  • DH   $282,907
  • total  $393,111
  • total increase $8,060
  • $50 CC points
  • $53.22 savings
  • $103.22 savings
No exercise, too many carbs and coffees and too much stress this month have all taken a toll. I have put on weight and feel just exhausted. This is how I felt before I had my year off and really don't like it. Thank heavens I am about to go on leave as I know my weight goes down when I'm away from the stress - so expect a big drop next month.

My extra job - wonderful! My regular job - Awful - too much of everything except time to do it all.  'nuff said!

not much done at home this month. I did shred another lot of old client files that came due for destruction and we've been eating down the stockpile but thats all. Fortunately it will soon be spring and once we get back from our trip DH will have more time to work around the yard and house.

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