27 May 2018

Grocery spending

 This week I made a batch of soup in the crockpot. I make up recipes as I go so every one is different depending on what I have in the fridge. This one has sweet potato, red lentils, carrots, onion, spinach, vegetable stock, ginger, chili and cumin. Once it cooled I froze it in meal sized portions.

I use purple containers and zip lock bags for food that is OK for me to eat and DH & DD use plain containers. That makes it much easier in the freezer to identify 'safe' foods without having to label everything.

This morning I stopped first at IGA-B shop for my veggies. I bought:


1.8kg potatos - $7.29
1.25 kgs butternut pumpkin - .74c
3 lemons .93c
1 punnet raspberries  $5.90
2 punnets strawberris  $11.98
500g zucchinni  $1.86
750g sweet potato  $1.49
1kg carrots .99

Total spend $33.18

then to Coles where I needed to spend $50 minimum to get maximum points.
I spent $85.72 and saved $$16.40.

Total grocery spend:  $118.90. Total value of $135.30.

The berries are expensive, but after all the Hepatitis scares with frozen berries I'd rather not risk it so I buy fresh ones. I bought a nice leg of lamb that I'll cook tonight and have for meals during the week.

I want to try and reduce my food waste as well my food expenses so I'm going to blog my meals for the next few weeks and see if that helps me keep on track better.

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