21 May 2018

Grocery Shopping

I'm in the process of changing where I shop for my groceries from Coles to IGA. Its much cheaper and the quality of the fresh food is really good. This weekend we shopped at both shops.


CC Points used - $40
Savings - $3.02
Total Spend - $65.95
Total Value of shop - $108.97

Savings - .28
Spend - $23.83

Total Grocery Spend - $108.97

For my $23.83 at IGA I got:

3 lemons  -  $1.35
small eggplant - .41
1.2 kgs zucchini - $2.88
1kg sweet potato - $1.66
1 bunch bok choy - $1.50
1 cauliflower  - $4.99
1 parsnip -  .54
Radish - $1.99
Sugar snap peas - $4.49

The diet I follow is the Specific Carbohydrate Diet and its quite restrictive. At times it gets a bit frustrating, but I get sick quite quickly if I go off it. I need to get back in the habit of cooking ahead each weekend so I have foods ready to eat when I'm too tired to cook after work. So this weekend I made up a nice big batch of zucchini and tomatos and I baked  almond and sultana biscuits. I still need to make soup and yoghurt for the week ahead.


  1. Love your post. I have a huge area of improvement in grocery spending and in quality of food we are consuming. I look forward to reading more! This eating plan is one I have tried in the past with good results and I should really try again. It takes a mindset and some preparation.

  2. yes, it does take being in the right mindset to stick with it. Cutting down the grocery costs is a work in progress here, I'm sure I can do even better :)


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