1 Mar 2018

February Progress Report

       Its time for another progress report!

  • Mortgage $161,494  down from $165,175
  • Redraw $5, 592 down from $5,762
  • $3851 total mortgage debt reduction

Retirement Savings

Our retirement savings did really well this month!
  • mine: $94,003
  • DH:   $258,117
  • total:  $352,120
  • $17,643 increase in savings

I am  disappointed with how much we spent on groceries this month. I thought we had cut back much more than we actually have. Still spending too much at the corner shop - 13 visits this month so thats better, but still too much. We used $20 in survey vouchers, $30 CC points and saved $73.26 on groceries.

  • Coles: $431.52
  • Corner shop: $235.88
  • IGA: $23.68
  • Bakers Delight: $55.74
  • Butcher: $32.77
  • Markets; $17
  • Total: $779.59
  • $135 less than last month


I'm so pleased with my exercise and diet this month! We walk regularly at 5.30am and I've upped my veggies and decreased the junk food with good results.

  • weight: 90.2 - loss of 2.9kgs = 6.4lbs
  • walked 162 kms = 100 miles

I'm doing much better at keeping a good work/life balance since I went back, saying 'no' more often.  I earned $100 in extra work (outside of my job) this month and may have a contract for more of this work soon.


We installed the outside blinds on half the windows and it really helped lower the temperature inside. We have not done any more work on the yard and the decluttering. 


  1. Good job with the early exercise and the work-life balance - that's always at the very top of my priority list!

    5.30am is a beautiful time to be awake - I keep planning on going running in the morning, but 5.30am has become my youngest son's new wake-up time, and I just love hanging out with him in the mornings before work :)

    1. thanks :) I love being up early in the mornings, its the best time of the day. enjoy this time with your son, it goes by so fast!


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