When I retire

I have so many things I'm looking forward to doing once I retire. I'm listing them here so I can remind myself of all these things I'll have time to do.

Reading the 1001 List
Leadlighting classes
Learn to make jewelry
Attend art exhibitions
go to quilting exhibitions
Learn how to use my embroidery machine
Make quilts!!
Sew for charity
Crochet new patterns
Learn to do Heirloom sewing
Go walking
Swim and do aqua-robics
meditate more often
see more of Australia
take writing classes
attend the writer's festivals
make mosaics
grow dahlias
grow my own herbs and veggies
grow a beautiful flower garden
volunteer Share the Dignity
make garden art
make braided rugs
grow indoor plants
paint rocks
teach conversational English to migrants
learn watercolor painting
learn felting

Compiling this list has been really helpful. I just add to it whenever I think of something I want to do, or an activity I want to be involved in. 

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