8 Aug 2022

Catching up & a few more blocks.

Last week we all ended up sick - fortunately not with covid, or the flu but the last few days I've just been resting/sleeping on the lounge all day. Today I'm feeling a lot better and have been up and about getting things done again.

I did get a few more blocks done for Summer in the Country:

I have the rest of the blocks cut out ready to sew. I'm looking forward to seeing this quilt top completed, its such a bright happy pattern.

DH and I are starting to work out new routines to our days together. Mostly its work about the house, having a leisurely morning tea together out on the front verandah when the weather is nice and planning our trips to the shops or to do errands together. I am enjoying this more relaxed pace so much :) 

This morning DH finished changing all our door handles over to lever handles instead of doorknobs. They look great and they are so much easier for me to use. I have arthritis in my hands and have found it difficult at times to turn the door handles.  

I've been plodding away at decluttering so we took 8 bags to the op shop today and stopped off at Bunnings on the way home to get some potting mix and some geraniums that were marked down. I'm planning on starting some seedlings this week but I cannot remember where I put the packets of seeds! As my family say - I put them in a safe place, I just don't know where that is! If I have also been saving some seeds from my veggies and some cuttings. Vegetables are getting so expensive it just makes sense to grow them to save a bit of money and growing the from scraps saves even more. Do you grow veggies from scraps or have a veggie garden?  If so what do you grow - open to suggestions - I am cold climate NSW.


  1. I hate the lever handles because they get caught in pockets and other parts of my clothing and either tear the fabric or make me almost fall, wrenching my ankle or shoulder or something. But, I am glad they work for you.
    Two years ago, I had lettuce and kale in the back yard. But, I cannot get there, so last year, I had squash, grape tomatoes and other vegetables in pots on the front porch. Some critter got all but two grape tomatoes and two tiny yellow squash. This year, I grew flowers!
    Ask yourself where you would put seeds to keep them safe, then look there. That might work. Sometimes, I tell Tommy to remember that I put something in a certain place. He never remembers, but I still hold hope that two of us can eventually keep track.

  2. DH and brother just did the door knob and handle change for their mom. I suppose eventually we'll do that in our next/ final home. Sorry you were unwell but glad you're on the mend.

  3. It sounds like you are starting to work out your “new normal”. Having worked just 3 days a week for the last few years and Mick being sort of retired for a couple of years, a couple of our days sound similar. When we return from our trip reality will set in and we will have to work out our new normal. Your blocks are coming together nicely. Yes, we have a small but quite productive vege garden. We plan to get home from our trip in time to get the veges planted. Most important.


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