16 Aug 2022

At the beach

We're back on the road again, having another week away from the cold weather back home. I guess thats one of the lovely things about being retired, you can just decide to go away on the spur of the moment and off you go!

We've been in Coffs Harbour and the weather here is perfect.  Neither of us have been here before and we've been impressed with how quiet and laid back it is despite being a popular tourist destination. 

We're staying across the road from the beach so we've been out early to watch the sun come up each day.

You can hear the ocean all the time which is really lovely at night-time.  Theres lots of walkways and places to sit, we've been sitting outside for breakfast and lunch enjoying the views.

Yesterday we went up to the Forest Sky Pier which had the most incredible views of the coastline. The lookout bridge goes out over the rain forest & moves in the wind.

It's not possible to get the whole view in one picture, this is about a third of it.

We have another day here and then we're off to Tenterfield for a look about. Today we're going down to the jetty & to Mutton Island Nature Reserve. I'd certainly come back again and perhaps stay longer next time.

Well its almost time for another sunrise so I'm heading back to the beach for a while.  

“To escape and sit quietly on the beach – that’s my idea of paradise.” 
Emilia Wickstead

If you'd like to see some more Australian travel Janice is blogging her trip with some fabulous photos at Jannimary


  1. Replies
    1. Its so peaceful & quiet, very calming being here.

  2. What a lovely spot. Isn’t it nice to be able to travel in the “off season”. Still much warmer than home. Enjoy. Thanks for gibbing my blog a little plug.

    1. Yes, being able to get away in winter is lovely & we are meeting lots of other retired people as we go which has been nice. I am not missing the cold at all! :)

  3. Beautiful - definite retirement payback!

    1. Yes, I think we are still unwinding from working, each day a bit more relaxed.


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