2 Dec 2021

November Progress Report

Heres the numbers for the month:


  • current balance: $30,470
  • down from: $40,866
  • total reduction: $10,396
  • current balance: $708,860
  • up from: $698,450
  • total increase: $10,410

Only 113 days to go until I retire!! 

I'm feeling so tired and also so excited at the moment. Yesterday I finally confirmed the date that I am leaving work and put in all the leave forms.  Next week I will let colleagues know at our last staff meeting for the year. I need enough time to handover some projects and catch-up on a lot of work before I go. Not long to go now. 

It's been crazy busy at work the last few weeks as the long awaited restructure was announced and I've spent day after day in meetings. I am so grateful to my past self for frugal living and sticking to my savings & debt payoff plans over the years as I am not having to worry about losing my job like many others but about to retire 8 years early. 

We received our tax returns and put it all off the mortgage even though we had decided not to pay any more on it. It's a hard habit to break paying extra off that mortgage. That took us to Year 28 on the mortgage amortisation table so another mortgage milestone passed this month.

This week I bought a few things at the black Friday sales, some courses I'd like to do were half-price and I will actually have time to do them soon! I've been busy with Share the Dignity collection and delivery. I've been daydreaming about the sewing and quilting I want to do next year and what it will feel like to have some energy for life outside of work. `In the meantime I have holidays coming up soon which will be a nice break. 


  1. You really are on the home stretch towards retirement. Good luck.

    1. thanks Sam, its starting to feel real now!

  2. I am sure it is exciting to count back the days. I know, I was:) Sometimes, it may be a bittersweet feeling especially if you like what you do and your colleagues. Cheering for you!

    1. thanks T'pol, the only thing I will miss is my colleagues and my students, thats the part of the job I enjoy most.

  3. So exciting! I am happy for you!!

  4. Thanks! its exciting to be so close to the end. :)


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