16 Jul 2020

A quick update

Its been an interesting week. I must admit my concentration and focus is not the greatest after three months working from home, I find I'm quite easily distracted  and my concentration is not as good as usual, so I think it will take me a bit to adjust to being back at work. My boss has said to come back gradually which is good. I'll go in for a few hours on Monday to start with.

Financially we've had a few wins. I got paid $150 grocery voucher to do a 45 minute survey yesterday so that was a win. Grocery prices are still up so this is a big help. I'm just accepting that its costing more at the moment with the pandemic and its not worth stressing over.

DH will be going back to full time work next month. Even though he has enjoyed being part-time, it was never his choice to reduce his hours. So him having a full time income again will be good and help us reach our goals a bit easier.

In the meantime I'm trying to keep warm, we've had some really cold, frosty mornings here this week, focusing on one day at a time, and avoiding too much news.

Stay safe XX


  1. That is really nice that they are letting you ease back into being in the office. Glad your husband will have full time income to get those goals knocked out. Definitely a grocery win - WooHoo. Hope we don’t have supply issues if we deal with another round of COVID. It is fun to read about winter when it’s so hot and humid here in the Midwest of the USA.

    1. I'm lucky to have a really good manager who cares about our wellbeing. We seem to have some supply issues here with some foods. I think covid on top of the bushfires has impacted on farmers and there are transport delays as borders between some states are closed. I hope it doesn't last too long.