12 May 2020

Autumn Spring Cleaning & Lockdown changes.

We're still enjoying the beautiful Autumn weather here, cold and foggy mornings with the sun out and blue skies by morning tea time.  The trees are all changing colour and starting to drop their leaves.

Over the weekend I finished the decluttering of our clothes & wardrobes.

I've filled 10 large shopping bags with clothes/shoes etc to be donated when the op shops open up again. Everything has been washed except one basket of woollens that I'll hand wash over the next few days.

My next step in this big declutter will get done over the coming week in between working from home, and basically we'll be doing an 'Autumn spring clean':

  • wash curtains
  • wash wardrobe surfaces & spray with surface spray
  • wipe cedar oil on the  back of chests of drawers
  • fold & hang clothes back into bedroom 
I can't wait till its all done and I will only have the clothing that we actually use. Its going to free up a lot of space and now that I've started I'd like to go through the rest of the house, room by room and be more ruthless with the decluttering. 

I'm ready to just let things go and live with less and being at home is giving me time and energy to get jobs done around the house.

So far there is no talk of any of us returning to the workplace. Some social restrictions have eased this week: 
  • five people can visit a home
  • cafes & restaurants can have 10 seated customers
  • 10 people can gather outside
  • 10 people at weddings
  • 20 people can attend a funeral
  • people are still to work at home if possible
  • travel is still limited
  • many businesses providing personal services remain closed
  • some hairdressers are opening
  • students started attending school one day per week
We still have no new cases in our area and hopefully our numbers stay low as restrictions start to ease a bit. Fortunately state premiers (like governors) are setting their own rules & not rushing to re-open as our Prime Minister would like. 

We will be staying home apart from getting shopping and DH had a coffee with a friend yesterday - they sat in the park. The majority of people are being sensible with the few that aren't getting much more attention in the media than they deserve.

Stay safe everyone xx


  1. It sounds like your soft reopening is much like our Province. I am so glad I don't live in the USA or the UK right now based on their reopenings, a recipe for disaster to be sure. I have no idea when our thrift shops will reopen as they are charity and mostly elderly volunteers so not safe for them to operate. I have begun trying to give away things on a facebook free site, I am sure people appreciate any help these days.

    1. There will be a lot people in need when the thrift shops do re-open and lots to sort through as a lot of people have probably decluttered while at home but certainly a vulnerable group so it might be a while. I hadn't though of FB & will have a look. Its sad & scary watching UK & US open up so quickly.

  2. Isn't it amazing how much stuff we hoard in our closets? I mean really just how much do we need?

    1. so true! it feels good to get 'stuff' out - to free up more space and have less to tidy.

  3. I fear all this re-opening will end up badly. Still, be safe.

    1. yes its a scary time, I really feel for my US friends at the moment and what the coming months might bring. take care xx


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