7 May 2019

April Progress Report

April has been a busy month here as I'm doing some training, so not as much extra money to put off the mortgage for a while.

  •  $121,680, down from $123,676
  • Total reduction: $1996
Retirement Savings
  • Mine: $128,336
  • DH:    $306,560
  • Total: $436,896
  • total increase: $8470
I've added green juices to my diet a couple of days a week which I'm enjoying, doing some weights training but need to add a bit more cardio exercise.

Work has quietened down which is nice. But we've been told the redundancy discussions have been postponed yet again, so probably early in 2021. So I am doing some training to take the work I do online and create a side-gig/retirement business. I'm really enjoying it but it will slow down our mortgage payoff for the next 3-4 months. Having something else to focus has been great, I feel far less stressed knowing I'm working towards a new business & semi-retirement.

I've been working on cleaning up outside and weeding garden beds. Inside the painting is progressing slowly. 

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