21 Aug 2018

More meals from the stockpile

We're doing well with out stockpile eat down. Heres what we've been eating the last few days.

DD made Vegetable Tortilla Stew from  Chrissy Teigens 'Cravings' book (p 54). OMG this is fantastic! and is now going to be a regular meal for me - I loved it! The recipe includes:

olive oil
chopped onion
green capsicum
ground cumin
chicken stock
black pepper
2 cans tomatos
3 cans beans

So we used up five cans in one go. I ate this on toast, with corn chips and also put some in the freezer.

I've been having fruit smoothies to use up some of the fruit, almond milk and protein powder.

Then yesterday DH made a lovely stew with minced beef, onions, carrots and potato - delicious! 

In the next few days my plan is to make a big pot of soup and also cook with the almond flour. The shelves are gradually emptying!

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