1 Aug 2018

July Progress Report

July was very cold here, broke weather records with our coldest day in 27 years! Heres how we're tracking:

  • $143,985  down from $146,991 
  • redraw $18,825 up from $16,955 
  • $1,136 total mortgage reduction
I decided to just pay out the credit card completely and paid it from the redraw. We used to use it for our general expenses and then pay it off each month so we've never paid interest on it. So our redraw balance has gone up but now the plan is to get it down to $0 asap.

Retirement Savings
  • mine - $106,660
  • DH -   $278,391
  • total -  $385,051
  • total increase - $12,662
This month we reached our 2018 goal of $380,000 in retirement savings. The stock market is doing well so our retirement funds are doing well. 

  • $30 cc points
  • $22.34 savings
  • $50 gift card
  • $92.34 total savings

oh dear...  I only walked twice this month, I ate too much carby/sugary junk and got back in the daily cappacino habit ( made at home)  and my weight went up again - 1.1kgs/ 2.4lbs. I had my eyes tested and they had improved so no need for glasses expenses. I also had another trip to the dentist for a filling.


DH had his work hours reduced this month.  His income will stay the same until the end of the year and then it will drop by just over $500/week. While we are fortunate he didn't get laid off as others did, this will have a big impact on our plans. 

I had a chance to get organised and caught up at my day job. I billed $1420 for my extra job this month.


I got back to decluttering and did the bookcase and some of the lounge room. I ended my book listings on fishpond and donated the remaining books to the op shop. I sorted all my towels and am making bathmats out of the ones that are getting thin.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your husband's job reduction. Hope you are able to get alternatives sorted quickly.

  2. I think, I should live in the Southern hemisphere between Juneand September. It is brutally hot here. Hotter than normal with too much humidity.

  3. You've done so well with your budgeting and cleaning this month. Knowing how much pay will go down will allow you to potentially cost cut in other areas - perhaps there is a way to stay on the original plan?


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